Welcome to the Future – Trance & Psytrance Mix with trippy visuals

My latest video mix.

This is the first ‘live’ mix I’ve done in years (music-wise). Up to now, all my videos have had the music mixed with a bit of software called Mixmeister which uses off-line mixing. Basically I would just draw out my mixes on a timeline, adjusting levels and EQs by drawing curves. As someone who has done most of his DJing on 1210s, this felt like cheating.

Having now got a DJ controller I did this mix using Rekordbox and as a result, it’s not quite as polished as my previous ones. I got a bit carried away cutting beats in and using the beat-repeat effects as it’s something I haven’t done in a while.

Also, musically this is a slightly different direction for my mixes, using more mainstream trance tunes as well as psytrance. It comes from the fact I have recently discovered that people like Bryan Kearney, Sneijder, Sam Jones, et al. are making and playing some pretty banging tunes. They are calling it tech-trance or just trance, but to me a lot of it sounds like the hard-trance that was being played around the turn of the millennium. It’s also much more fun to mix with as it allows for more overlaying of tracks and beat-juggling compared to psytrance, which usually has too much going on in a track to mess around with it as much.

Hope you enjoy it.


1: Frost Raven – Far Away From Home
2: Indecent Noise – Paint It In Black
3: Sneijder & Bryan Kearney – Next Level (Psyneijder Remix)
4: Black XS & R.E.L.O.A.D. – Human Rage
5: Indecent Noise – War Cry
6: 2nd Phase & David Forbes – Pie Friday
7: Sam Jones – Freakout
8: Dark Matter – Why So Afraid Of Me
9: Oberon – The Red Sea Of Fate
10: Oberon – Numbers In The Sky
11: Bryan Kearney & Waio – Futura

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