My New Toy

When I first started DJing I was using a pair of old belt-drive turntables that didn’t even have a proper pitch control and couldn’t keep a record at the same speed for longer than about 10 seconds, coupled with a cheap 2 channel mixer that didn’t have EQ knobs. After a while, a friend of mine got some CDJ500s (the originals) and a DJM500 and I got to play on those every now and then. Then I moved in with another friend who had 1210s and I got to practice on those quite a bit.

Finally I got a pair of 12010s of my own and a Behringer DJX700 and spent a good many years playing on them.

After I had kids they got used less and less as I wasn’t buying new vinyl and at some point the mixer stopped working properly, so they got packed away (I’d also lost my ‘studio’ to a kids bedroom).

When I stared getting back into trance everything had moved on. Things were digital now. All I wanted to do was mix myself some CDs to listen to in the car. I looked into Traktor and Serato, but didn’t get on with either of them as I didn’t have a controller. I ended up using a bit of software called Mixmeister, which was kinda cheating! I wasn’t mixing live, I was drawing my mix with automation curves. It gave me good results, as the beats were always matched, but it wasn’t fun in the way that mixing live is. But this got boring pretty quick.

I considered selling my 1210s and investing in some CDJs (as that’s the only way I could afford the ridiculous prices these days), but everyone I spoke to about it suggested I hang on to my turntables, which makes sense due to the fact I have a few hundred classic trance records. So I had a look at other options and found this baby. For just over £200 it was  a bargain considering it has it’s own ASIO audio interface and comes with a copy of  Rekord Box DJ, worth £99.

I’ve been having so much more fun with this than I was having mixing ‘off-line’. It’s been a while since I’ve just pulled tunes out of my collection and mixed them without planning a set and working out in and out points, just making the mix up as I go along. I’d forgotton how much fun that was. It is also a lot of fun playing with the effect buttons, adding beats in wherever and playing with the loop function. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap way to mix digital files.

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