Eras of Trance

53f2c1b95a0bb4af0f509dae4c4051061990-1995: The beginning

Trance was new and experimental. Not split up into sub-genres. Most of the best tunes were written during this time, but also a lot of stuff that wasn’t up to scratch.

1995-1998: The peak years

Sub-genres starting to appear, notably hard-trance, goa-trance, uplifting trance. Still loads of great tunes written during this time, and less crap. Most of what was called trance during this time was good, but trance was starting to get commercial, especially the uplifting trance.

1998-2001: The commercial years

Trance was everywhere, TV commercials, radio, lots of clubs. Time to cash in on the popularity.
Most of the best tunes during this time were in the sub-genres.

trance-music12001-2010: The end?

Trance isn’t trance any more. Mostly commercial and all sounds the same. Most of the good stuff is hard-trance.

2010-now: Psy-trance!!

If you look for it, a lot of what is called Psy-trance today still has the feel of the early trance (pre-1998), but there’s also a lot of boring, repetitive trash to sift through to find the gems.

2 thoughts on “Eras of Trance

  • May 6, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    I dont really agree with the 2001-2010 ! 2006 for exemple was hella awsome for fullon in my opinion 😀

    • May 7, 2016 at 8:49 am

      I’ll admit I’m being a bit provocative with that statement. Deliberately so. If I’m honest, I took time out from buying and listening to new music during that time, as I was busy with my new family.

      Do you have some good examples? Pop by Reddit and post some links.


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